Pressure Washers

Our range of pressure washers include the powerful, 940L Bowser pressure washer which is the ultimate self-contained pressure washer. We also offer a mini Bowser washer, which is ideal for those tough to reach areas and gives you up to 15 minutes cleaning time from the tank alone.

Also available is a smaller industrial cold water pressure washer and a hot water pressure cleaner. You can find out much more about all those products below, or speak to one of our knowledgeable staff and they'll be happy to help you out.

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  1. 940L Bowser Pressure Washer, 207bar/ 3000psi - Diesel
    £283.55 per week
    Code: 04/250
  2. Mini Bowser Washer
    £151.35 per week
    Code: 04/245
  3. Water Management System, 110V
    £132.50 per week
    Code: 03/720
  4. Upright Electric Pressure Washer
    £116.10 per week
    Code: 04/140
  5. Electric Pressure Washer, 66bar/ 950psi - 110V
    £97.55 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: 04/150
  6. Hot Water/Steam High Pressure Washer, 110V (32A)
    £200.10 per week
    Code: 04/230
  7. Reel of High Pressure Hose, 50m (cold water)
    £73.70 per week
    Code: 04/190

7 Items

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