Traffic Management

The Hireman has a range of roadworking and traffic management tools available for hire. Our road cones, road signs and barrier systems are all easy to transport and make roadworking jobs much easier.

On top of that we also have many tools to help with general roadworking tasks, such as hods, paving mauls, sledge hammers and crowbars. 

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  1. Road Signs, 600-1200mm c/w stand
    £4.80 per week
    Code: B1802035-50
  2. Stop/Go Board c/w stand
    £11.95 per week
    Code: B1802055
  3. Amber Flashing Light
    £7.20 per week
    Code: B1802005
  4. Pedestrian Barrier System, 2.0m (Pro-barrier)
    £9.05 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: B1802085
  5. Metal Fencing Pin
    £1.35 per week
    Code: B1802105
  6. Line Marking Trolley
    £18.55 per week
    Code: B1802115
  7. Folding Barrier System, 1.5m (4 style)
    £25.45 per week
    Code: B1802125
  8. Tarmac Rake/Fork
    £10.90 per week
    Code: B1801060-65
  9. Barrier Boards & Posts (Chapter Eight)
    £3.20 per week
    Code: B1802060-75
  10. Melba Log Barrier System
    £2.40 per week
    Code: B1802090-100
  11. Utility Plates
    Code: B1802110-12

11 Items

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