Surveying & Detection

The Hireman has a wide range of surveying and detection tools and equipment available for hire across London. Our cable avoidance tools, pipe locators and signal generators all help you avoid costly and unneccesary damage by scanning areas and pinpointing the position and path of specific cables and pipes. 

We also offer tools to help detect moisture, measure noise levels and detect any hazards beneath the surface of a wall. Other surveying tools include a variety of different levels, like laser levels and trusty dumpy site levels to help you get those walls and ceilings measured exactly right.

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  1. Precision Pipe & Cable Locator (RD8000 - Rail Approved)
    £192.95 per week
    Code: 15/120
  2. Pipe Inspection Camera system, 30m
    Code: 15/430
  3. Multi-Gas Monitor
    Code: 15/420
  4. Internal Rotating Laser Level Green Beam (Hilti PRI36)
    £190.05 per week
    Code: 15/075-85
  5. Six Radio Rapid Charger
    £29.00 per week
    Code: 15/170
  6. Two-way Radio (Licence Free) c/w 240V charger
    £27.30 per week
    Code: 15/160
  7. Total Survey Station, reflectorless
    Code: 15/150
  8. Theodolite
    £112.40 per week
    Code: 15/140
  9. Wind Speed Anemometer
    £32.90 per week
    Code: 15/135
  10. Sound Level Meter, 30-130 Decibels
    £32.90 per week
    Code: 15/130
  11. Signal Generator for RD8000
    £70.25 per week
    Code: 15/125
  12. Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.)
    £69.20 per week
    Code: 15/010
  13. Distance Meter, up to 80m
    £22.80 per week
    Code: 15/110
  14. Duct Rodding System (Cobra Reel), 120m x 9mm
    £102.05 per week
    Code: 15/100
  15. Signal Clamp For Generator
    £28.65 per week
    Code: 15/090
  16. Wall Mount For Internal/External Laser Level
    £14.85 per week
    Code: 15/080

Items 1-16 of 22

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