Surface Preparation

The Hireman stocks a wide range of surface preparation tools and equipment available to hire across London. Our most popular surface preparation tools are grinders which help smooth and polish floors, and scarifiers which offer a drum attachment to cut a variety of different flooring materials.

We also stock more general tools for preparation like floor strippers, air needle guns and chipping hammers which are great for corrective work in concrete and masonry.

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  1. Floor Tile Stripper, 230mm - 110V
    £100.00 per week
    Code: 14/050
  2. Hand-held Concrete Grinder, 110mm - 110V
    £64.00 per week
    Code: 14/060
  3. Multipurpose Floor Preparation Machine
    £126.50 per week
    Code: 14/090
  4. High Speed Floor Grinder, 370mm - 110V
    £132.50 per week
    Code: 14/100
  5. Floor Planer/Scarifier, 200mm - Petrol/110V
    £153.75 per week
    Code: 14/010-020
  6. Floor saw, 350-450mm - Petrol
    £82.00 per week
    Code: 14/040-045
  7. Bridge/Slab Saw, 350mm - 110V
    £149.75 per week
    Code: 07/215
  8. Needle Gun - Air
    £43.75 per week
    Code: 02/100
  9. Floor Saw, 450mm - Petrol
    £127.25 per week
    Code: 14/045
  10. 14V Cordless Rivet Gun
    £41.50 per week
    Code: 09/090

15 Items

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