Site Office & Catering

The Hireman has a wide range of site office and catering equipment available to hire across London. We hire office chairs and tables as well as various storage options like cupboards, cabinets and lockers.

We also stock kitchen white good like microwaves, cookers and refrigerators to keep your work force going over those long days on site.

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  1. Heavy Duty Marquees
    £107.00 per week
    Code: B2001035-40
  2. Stacking Chair
    £3.00 per week
    Code: B2001005
  3. Soft Stacking Chair
    £5.50 per week
    Code: B2002015
  4. Adjustable Task Chair c/w castors
    £15.75 per week
    Code: B2002010
  5. Pedestal c/w key
    £6.50 per week
    Code: B2002075
  6. Meeting Tables
    £13.75 per week
    Code: B2002020-80
  7. Metal Stationery Cupboard, 1.8m
    £33.75 per week
    Code: B2002030
  8. Full Height Metal Lockers
    £13.50 per week
    Code: B2002060-70
  9. Canteen Tables and Forms
    £11.25 per week
    Code: B2001015
  10. Microwave - 240V
    £10.25 per week
    Code: B2001030
  11. Refrigerator, under worktop - 240V
    £22.50 per week
    Code: B2001025
  12. Mini Cooker (Baby Belling) - 240V
    £36.00 per week
    Code: 20/020
  13. Water Boiler, 20L - 240V
    £35.75 per week
    Code: 20/010
  14. Large Gas Barbeque Grill - Propane
    £82.75 per week
    Code: 20/040
  15. Patio Heater, 2.3m propane
    £55.00 per week
    Code: 20/030

Items 1-16 of 18

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