Safety & Security

The Hireman has a wide range of safety and security tools and equipment available to hire. We supply acrow props and trench struts to help support beams, walls or trenches. We also provide tools for working safely at height, to help with fire or environmental safety.

As well as site safety we're passionate about site security and so we stock a variety of crowd control or anti-climb barriers and fencing. We've got van vaults and site boxes to securely store all of your tools in overnight. 

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  1. Fittings Storage Cabinet
    £74.20 per week
    Code: 19/095
  2. Armorgard COSHH Cabinet HFC7
    £41.90 per week
    Code: 19/029
  3. Site Boxes
    £29.70 per week
    Code: 19/010-90
  4. Van Vault
    £29.70 per week
    Code: 19/030
  5. Fuel Safe Site Box
    £41.65 per week
    Code: 19/025
  6. Gas Cage, 1.2x1.8m
    £61.75 per week
    Code: 19/100
  7. Battery Bank
    £41.65 per week
    Code: 19/110
  8. Crowd Control Barrier
    £4.80 per week
    Code: B1903020
  9. Temporary Fencing, 2.0m Anti-climb
    £3.20 per week
    Code: B1903035-45
  10. Security Chain, 3.0m c/w padlock
    £14.35 per week
    Code: B1903025
  11. Acrow Props, 1.04-4.88m
    £4.80 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: B1901050-70
  12. Strongboy For Acrow Prop
    £13.00 per week
    Code: B1901080
  13. Fork Head Attachment For Acrow Prop
    £5.85 per week
    Code: B1901075
  14. Trench Struts, 0.3-1.68m
    £4.25 per week
    Code: B1901085-100
  15. Safety Harness & Lanyard
    £45.85 per week
    Code: 19/040
  16. Roof Man Anchor System
    £156.65 per week
    Code: 19/150-160

Items 1-16 of 28

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