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The Hireman has a variety of plumbing and engineering tools and equipment available to hire across London. Our expanded pipework range means we can offer many different pipe threading, grooving, fitting, pressing and cutting tools. Our pipe press fitting tool has proven very popular, and its cordless spec makes it easy to use wherever you are.

On top of that we stock tools to help with any drainage needs, from cleaning or clearing to testing. 

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  1. Pipe Freezing Kit
    £86.50 per week
    Code: 17/030-040
  2. Pipe Threading Machine, 1/2-2" BSPT
    £111.25 per week
    Code: 17/140
  3. Roll Groover, 2-12" - Hydraulic
    £125.75 per week
    Code: 17/150
  4. Ratchet Conduit Threader - Manual
    £38.25 per week
    Code: 17/160
  5. Mobile Pipe Racks and Linking Kit
    £49.25 per week
    Code: 17/340-355
  6. Drain Rod Set, 10m c/w 100/150mm fittings
    £12.25 per week
    Code: B1701055
  7. Power Threader
    £77.50 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: 17/130
  8. Pipe Press Fitting Tool
    £90.00 per week
    Code: 17/320
  9. Engineers Workbench, 1100x700mm c/w vice
    £45.00 per week
    Code: 17/100
  10. Conduit Bender, 16-32mm - Manual
    £39.25 per week
    Code: 17/280
  11. Copper Pipe Bender, 15-35mm - Manual
    £39.25 per week
    Code: 17/260
  12. Steel Pipe Bender, 3/8-2" - Hydraulic
    £69.50 per week
    Code: 17/220
  13. Drain Testing Plug/Stopper, 50-150mm
    £3.50 per week
    Code: B1701035-50

Items 1-16 of 36

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