The Hireman has a range of site lighting available to hire from our London depots. We have lighting to help brighten up your day wherever the job is based. We have inspection lamps or carry lights for small spaces or when you need to be on the move, and plasterers lights if you need shadow-free light to get all the little details right.

We have lighting for low-power environments as well as different floodlight options to light the largest areas whether they're indoors or out. For longer jobs we provide a plug-in lighting system which gives you 100m lengths of IP67 rated cable with sockets at varying intervals.

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  1. Wobble Light, 4' c/w fluorescent tube - 110V
    £32.10 per week
    Code: 11/050
  2. Festoon Lighting, 25m c/w bulb holders & cages - 110V
    £21.50 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: 11/060
  3. Inspection Lamp c/w bulb - 110V/240V
    £20.15 per week
    Code: 11/320
  4. Low Energy Carry Light, 36W c/w fluorescent tube - 110V
    £20.15 per week
    Code: 11/340
  5. Rechargeable LED Work Light, 1.8m mast (Rail Approved)
    £62.30 per week
    Code: 11/420
  6. Plasterers Lights
    £20.45 per week
    Code: 11/010-11/040
  7. Wobble Light
    £30.25 per week
    Code: 11/050-055
  8. LED Wobble Light
    £43.75 per week
    Code: 11/055
  9. Mast Floodlight, 1x300W LED c/w 5m telescopic mast – 110V
    £51.45 per week
    Code: 11/265
  10. 25W LED Splitter Uplight, 4' - 110V
    £43.75 per week
    Code: 11/056
  11. LED Tower-light, 5.5m Mast.
    Code: 11/610
  12. LED Tower-light, 9m Mast.
    Code: 11/600

15 Items

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