Cutting & Grinding

The Hireman stocks an extensive range of cutting and grinding tools and equipment, including popular Makita and Hilti models. We have cutters and grinders for a a variety of different materials, from wood, metal and masonry to tiles and plastic, available for hire.

We offer 125 and 230mm angle grinders with dust extraction options, disc cutters and many different saws. You can hire table saws, saw benches, mitre saws, circular saws and floor saws from all our depots, as well as jigsaws and recip saws. You'll also find tile cutters and a lot more below.

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  1. Metal Nibblers, 110V
    £0.00 per week
    Code: 07/260-265
  2. Hydraulic Block/Slab Splitter, 650mm
    £57.25 per week
    Code: 07/090
  3. Makita Multi-tool TM3000 - 110V
    £25.75 per week
    Code: 07/275
  4. Arbortech Brick and Mortar Saw - 110V
    £102.75 per week
    Code: 07/340
  5. Water Supply Unit, 10L - Manual
    £21.50 per week
    Code: 03/460
  6. Manual Block Splitter
    £46.00 per week
    Code: 07/080
  7. Dust Extraction Hoods
    £13.00 per week
    Code: 07/060-070
  8. Large Tile Saw Bench, 700mm - 110V
    £91.00 per week
    Code: 07/165
  9. Rolling Table
    £15.75 per week
    Code: B1601010
  10. Block Saw - Manual
    £8.00 per week
    Code: B0601035
  11. Stand For 305mm Slide Compound Saw
    £33.75 per week
    Code: 16/360

Items 33-48 of 57

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