Cleaning & Extraction

The Hireman has an extensive range of industrial cleaning equipment available for hire. We stock dust extraction units, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and more.

Whether you need an industrial washer for a large scale cleaning job, or simply a henry hoover for office cleaning, we have the product to suit your needs.

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  1. Dry/Wet Dust Extractor, Makita - 110V
    £72.75 per week
    Code: 04/100
  2. Fume Extractor, 300mm - 110V
    £108.75 per week
    Code: 04/210
  3. Air Cube Cleaner, H-Class, 500 m3/h – 110V
    £52.25 per week
    Code: 04/220
  4. Cutting Station
    £149.75 per week
    Code: 07/455
  5. Flexible Ducting For Fume Extractor, 5m
    £13.50 per week
    Code: B0401005
  6. Dust Extractor, HEPA H13 microfilter - 110V
    £67.50 per week
    Code: 04/200
  7. Dry/Wet Dust Extractor
    £72.75 per week
    This product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability Code: 04/080-100
  8. Air Cube Cleaner, H-Class, 1000 m3/h – 110V
    £80.00 per week
    Code: 04/225
  9. Cutting Station c/w Ducting - 110V
    £165.00 per week
    Code: 07/460

9 Items

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