Breaking & Drilling

The Hireman has an extensive range of breaking and drilling equipment available for hire. Whatever the size of your construction or demolition job, you'll find the right tools with The Hireman.

Our breakers for hire range from the light Makita HM0871C to the heavy HM1812 which has an impact rate of 870bpm and can remove up to 6 tonnes of concrete per hour. Below you can browse through all the options to find the one for you.

If you need additional advice we have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and a hire controller will be able to advise you. Contact our depots here.

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  1. 22V Spare Batteries
    £9.00 per week
    Code: B0302070
  2. Spare Batteries-36V
    £12.50 per week
    Code: B0302050
  3. Cordless Stapler Spare Battery, 18V Li-ion
    £9.00 per week
    Code: B0302030
  4. Extension Rod For Diamond Drill, 250mm
    £9.00 per week
    Code: B0301025
  5. Water Swivel Head for Hilti DD 110-D
    £14.00 per week
    Code: B0301020
  6. Vac Pump for Wet Diamond Drilling Rig
    £48.50 per week
    Code: 03/710
  7. Hilti Wet/Dry Diamond Drill
    £97.75 per week
    Code: 03/680
  8. Water Supply Unit, 10L - Manual
    £21.50 per week
    Code: 03/460
  9. 36V Cordless SDS-plus Hammer Drill - Makita
    £49.25 per week
    Code: 03/335
  10. Medium Breaker (Hilti TE 700-AVR)
    £48.25 per week
    Code: 03/050

Items 33-42 of 42

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