Pipe Freezing Kit

These pipes freezing kits are suitable for copper, iron, steel, plastic and composite pipes. They eliminate the need for draining a system before repair work can begin. The freeze contacts fix either side of the working area, creating two ice-plugs within minutes.

Key features (Freeze Master):

  • 15mm/¼", 22mm/½", 28mm/¾", 35mm/1" and 42mm/1¼" formers supplied*
  • Use 15mm insert for 8mm and 10mm copper microbore pipe

Key features (REMS):

  • 15mm/¼", 22mm/½", 28mm/¾", 35mm/1", 42mm/1¼", 54-60mm/2" formers supplied*

*Metric measurement (mm) represents outside diameter (OD) of copper pipe, imperial measurement (") represents inside diameter (ID) of iron/steel pipe

Code Pipe Capacity Power Weight
17/030 8-42 mm copper (OD) ¼" - 1¼" iron/steel [OD] 110V, 16A 23 kg
17/040 15-60 mm copper (OD) ¼" - 2" iron/steel [OD] 110V, 16A 22.3 kg
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