Hot Water/Steam Pressure Cleaner, 100bar/1500psi - 110V (32A)

This heavy duty hot power washer has a working temperature range of 0-150oC (steam stage), making it perfect for removing oil and grease.

Key features:

  • 159oC steam stage (via internal 18 litre diesel burner tank)
  • 12m high pressure outlet hose, lance and gun
  • 6m inlet hose
  • Four wheeled chassis

N.B. Diesel burner requires initial fuel which can be supplied - please ask for details.

Weight Power Pressure


L x W x H

Flow Rate Vibration Level Noise Level
176 kg 110V, 32A 1500 psi / 100 bar 1130 x 720 x 980 mm 9.5 L/min 2.5 m/s2 75 dB(A)
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