Transformers - 2.0 kVA to 5.0 kVA

Our range of transformers include step-ups and multiple output converters for use with a multitude of different power tools or high current appliances.

All transformers are housed in either a resin filled glass fibre box or a vented earthed casing and have mounted handles for easy transportation about site.

More InformationThis product is one of our favourites, it offers great value and we guarantee availability
Power Input Output
16A, 110V 32A, 110V 16A, 240V
13/130 3.0 kVA 110V - - 2
13/140 3.3 kVA 240V 2 - -
13/145 3.3 kVA 240V - 1 -
13/150 5.0 kVA 240V 2 1 -
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